Saturday, March 14, 2009

Worked on the Quilting Room

I spent yesterday in the quilting studio but I wasn't quilting. I was organizing. The quilting studio is currently set up at my parent's house in my childhood bedroom. Originally it had been made because I'd moved out and no longer needed a room there, and my cousin needed a space to quilt where her young children couldn't get into things or get hurt by the sharp implements. Once I started learning to quilt from her, I was even more glad I allowed them to convert my old bedroom over.
Yesterday my dad helped me move around heavy objects and I cleared out the bookshelves from my childhood so I could use them to store boxes of fabric. We got a surprising amount of work done and I think I should be able to move the ironing board and cutting table around a bit to create more space now. This week my cousin's friend and quilting mentor Madeline is driving out to CA from CO to visit. She will be teaching me how to machine quilt and applique as well as perhaps do piping for the pillow I'm making my friend as a gift. I'm very excited to meet her since every time Marsh and I quilt it's Madeline does this, Madeline that. =)


  1. I just organized my sewing area. Isn't it great feeling to have your own space just for your hobby? Can we see pictures?

  2. I'll definitely have to post pictures. It feels better to have room now, it was so cramped, and with two people working in there!

  3. leigh,
    you asked about the dimensions of the heart block...without the borders it is 9 inches. i added 2 inch borders so it was 12.5 inches. hope this helps,

  4. Thanks Jacquie! I think that'll be perfect for my friend's pillow, I bought a 14" pillow form, so I'll add slightly thicker borders =)