Thursday, March 19, 2009

Here's the finished quilt top!

It's a 72" square, 25 block sampler. I'm very glad to have finished it. It's full of many errors, but given that I had never even touched a sewing machine a month and a half ago, I forgive myself those errors ;)
This should help you get an idea of scale, that's my mom holding it up over the banister. She's a tall woman and she's holding it over her head, up the stairs.


  1. Oh it is beautiful!! It is amazing,your first quilt, I can't wait what you do next. It is huge...

  2. A sampler block quilt is a good way to begin. Now that you're packing techniques into your bag of tricks you'll soon be equiped to take off and "do your own thing."

  3. Beautiful work!
    I can't believe that it's your first quilt.