Monday, March 2, 2009

Bad Day

Well it was one of those days where nothing seems to go right. I had the hardest time getting one block together, I made mistake after mistake! First I began to make a block, had cut my first few pieces, then realized it was a 12 1/2" block which won't work for my 12" block sampler! Then I found one I liked that was 12", but I didn't have enough of the fabrics I wanted to work with to make it. 
Finally I settled for Amish Star. I thought the pattern was wrong (it rarely is) because I didn't seem to have enough of something, but it turned out I had set the flying geese I was missing down in a corner and didn't realize it, so I made another two which allllmost made it so I didn't have enough of my one color of fabric to continue the block. I scrapped it up and was able to eek out one block but then I called it quits. 
Sometimes even when you really want to, you just shouldn't be quilting. The block turned out alright, it looks nice, but even my sewing wasn't up to par. I just should have realized it was an off day and quit earlier but oh well! One more block and I'm done with my sampler blocks, then it's sashings, cornerstones, and border, then off to Madeline to get it quilted! I'm taking a machine quilting class to learn to quilt my own, but this project turned into a monster, and I know I'm not ready to tackle a quilt of that size!

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  1. Days like that happen. It is the best to just put things down and leave. It's hard when you have only few days a week available for sewing, my case.