Monday, October 11, 2010


I finally got some sewing done! I added borders on my applique practice quilt. If you recall I was just making this quilt as a way to practice applique. I just plan to use it as a lap quilt for watching tv with the kitty. I added some borders from my favorite polka dot fabric. 
I think it looks pretty good for what it is. Now if I could only find my batting I could keep going... grrr moving really throws everything off! Oh well, at least I got some sewing done.
Yesterday I went to two quilt shops in Virginia to pick up patterns for the two classes I'm taking. I went to The Artful Quilter to pick up my pattern and materials for the Sophia Carry-All. I saw the sample and it's absolutely adorable! Plus it has a lot of new techniques for me. Adding a covered zipper, adding piping, and working with 3 types of interfacing I've never used before. Should be a great, challenging class.
Then I went to the Quilt Patch in Fairfax, VA. I got the book that we will be working from, and wandered around. I was going to allow myself to buy some fabric, but I didn't really see anything that grabbed me. I had liked some of the fabric at The Artful Quilter, but I may visit a few Maryland quilt shops to see if I like anything better for my carry-all bag.

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