Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Class Registration & Sewing Table Options

I signed up for another quilting class at a different quilt shop in VA. It's for a Drunkard's Path variant, which if you've read my blog in the past, is a pattern I've been dying to learn! I love the semi-circular patterns, but I have no clue how to sew with circles, so I'm super excited about this course.
I'm also trying to get my sewing area set up in my apartment. I brought no furniture with me to Vermont since the apartment was furnished, so when I moved down here to DC, I had no furniture. In my infinite wisdom, I decided it'd be awesome to buy a bar-height dining room table and chair set... which means I cannot sew in my dining room. *facepalm*
So. I decided to buy a sewing table, because if I'm going to have to spend $, why buy a generic desk. I don't have much money to spend, so cost is an issue. I also don't have a large amount of space in my apartment, so portable tables are definitely an option, so long as they're sturdy enough. A fellow blogger expressed her satisfaction with the Sew Ezi table, but the price isn't quite right for a recent grad. I found a similar table concept that seems to have gotten good reviews on a number of sites. I like that it is portable, folds up, and that the drop-in machine piece is adjustable to accommodate for a variety of different machines. Seems versatile, apartment-friendly, and the price is right. Anyone have any experience with the Arrow 98601 Gidget Sewing Table?

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  1. Semi circle is sort of easy. Match up each end and the center, pin ... start sewing.

    Can't answer about the table. We cut a hold in a computer desk, made a shelf .. machine sits nicely.