Monday, October 4, 2010

Amy Butler Bag Workshop!

I have signed up for my first quilting class in AGES! I'm so excited to take the Sophia Carry-All Class in November at The Artful Quilter in VA. Apparently I snagged the last available seat in the class - thank goodness I decided to call right away instead of waiting.
This is a link to the information about the pattern on the AB website. I have always loved Amy Butler designs, and its my first time taking a class based on one of the AB patterns. It includes a zipper, which will be great practice for me, since I've only sewn about 1-2 zippers total in my time as a quilter.
I also joined the DC Modern Quilt Guild. An online guild for quilters in DC. They have occasional meetings at The Artful Quilter, among other places. Hopefully it will be an opportunity for me to meet other quilters in the area!

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  1. Hi Leigh

    I was not able to email you, but I agree with you that the Origins line of fabric would make a great purse! In fact, there are a number of fabrics in the line that would be great :)