Thursday, February 19, 2009


So I think I'm beginning to be a junkie. I was piecing blocks together until 10pm last night. I like the Eccentric Star block I made, but my favorite is still the Fox and Geese with Turnstile center, which I now have a photo of! I also adore the last block I was making, I believe it's called Four Corners. I was making slight changes to it, but I looove the mini American flags I've worked in. I'll post photos tonight after I finish the block today I'm sure.
Fox and Geese

Eccentric Star

Makeshift display wall with my blocks on it


  1. They look great! Can't wait to see it more. I have a quilt sampler on my list of quilts to do. One day, anyway...
    Great Job!

  2. Your quilt is turning out wonderfully!! I saw your other blog, it's very cool!! this blog caught my eye because the women of my family have been quilting forever! Good Luck with your quilt!!

  3. Your blocks look great!! Its too bad I didn't find you before I moved away from San Diego.. I would have been happy to drag you to all the Quilt Shop Hops that I participated in.. Smiles.. Keep it up Heather