Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Block and Sashings!

I made Yankee Puzzle tonight. I messed up when I stitched it together and had to "unsew" and re-do it. Because of that I only made it through one block tonight, but I did add sashings and cornerstones to my "bad" block from yesterday to test it out. I loved the way it looked framed. I chose a tan colored sashing with little chickens on it, and the cornerstones are red bandana print. It looked great and really put a fire into me to finish the last 6 or so blocks (maybe 11, depending on whether it will be 4x5 or 5x5) to get this sucker put together. My very first quilt almost done!
I think next I'll be making a lap-sized log cabin quilt for my mom. It will likely be a scrappy tan and black pattern since we both like that combination of colors. I'm also signed up for the Irish Chain class, but if nobody else signs up they'll have to cancel it and credit me for the class fee. Hope not.

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