Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bargello Progress

A lot more un-sewing than is necessary, even in a bargello, today. I overdosed myself on caffeine and it definitely messed with my brain. Even so, we're 20 strips in, 15 more to go!


  1. Hi, I,m cottonreel a p/quilter of many years . I have had a go at every kind of pattern .I have done very nice bargello, I have always wanted to do the pattern you are showing. Is there a way i can achieve this .Do you draw a graph and follow that. would you be kind enough to leave a comment on my blog? thankyou have a good day

  2. 2nd try--Hi,I,m cottonreel a p/qu, of many years but I have never done this twisted bargello, I have done the regular pattern . is there a chance you could leave a message on my blog. Do you draw a graph,colour it, and follow , Yours looks stunning. Enjoy your day

  3. The makings of this quilt is absolutely gorgeous!!