Friday, May 15, 2009

My Own Purse!

I made myself one of the tote bags I've been cranking out, with a few minor changes. I made the body of the bag smaller and the handles shorter so it's a purse that tucks under my arm, instead of a tote bag. I also decided against a pocket on the outside even though I like them, I just thought it would detract from the cool pattern in the blocks. 

The blocks are from a project my cousin did in 2000 for a class, I think she called it Noodle Soup? Anyway, she never used the blocks and I asked her if I could make a quilt out of them, for practice and because they're so beautiful. She agreed, but there were many more blocks than I used for the quilt, so I decided I wanted a bag too!
The wallet is based loosely off a tutorial from That*Darn*Kat. It has cash and credit card slots, and the only thing I would have wanted was a place for coins, but I don't know how to add zippers yet. I still need to figure out what I'm going to do as a closure, maybe I can sneak a snap on there, there's a pocket behind the credit cards, so I could probably do that if I tried... hmmmm.
The wallet from the inside

I also want to add a closure to the bag to make it more secure, I'm thinking I'll add an elastic loop to the back and a button on the front for a loop closure. If I knew how to do zippers I'd do that, but I don't know how to do zippers or buttonholes!
The bag from the inside, using more of the blocks as pockets

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