Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Pies and Rolls

Well it's not quilts, but tis the season for baking! My other favorite past time besides quilting is cooking. (I'm a regular Holly Homemaker at 21).
I have the good fortune to live near King Arthur Flour's Baking Education Center. I try to sneak away from my law school classes to get some baking in. I figure even though it takes time away from studying and the courses are pricey, it's worth the education while I'm so close, and besides, cooking is as cathartic as sewing is for me.
Today's class was called Thanksgiving Take-away Pies & Rolls. We made pie crust from scratch, which I had never attempted before, then filled it with pear and cranberry filling, and topped it with an almond streusel. Mmmmm!
Our rolls were delicious Tender Chive Crescents. They where choc-full of butter and sour cream. Not a low-cal roll. As the instructor said, Thanksgiving is not about counting calories! I tasted one of them, and they're delicious. The pie and the rest of the rolls will be coming with me to Thanksgiving dinner at my law school's Dean of Student's home. Those of us who couldn't fly home for the extremely short holiday were invited into her home for the meal so we could spend it with friends. I am excited to be contributing a pie and I hope I'll have enough rolls to share!

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